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    We live in a world that has changed rapidly in the past five years. Perhaps nowhere is this more evident than in the area of business communications. Businesses need to reduce administrative costs, provide more flexible application deployments to the desktop, boost personal and workgroup productivity, and provide exceptional customer care to their clients.

    New technology has dramatically changed the way people think about giving business presentations, conducting meetings, and delivering messages. The opportunities offered by the Internet age have given way to distributed sales teams, worldwide customers, and globetrotting business partners-all of which play critical roles in business success. At the same time, the evolution from audio conferencing to data conferencing, and innovations like video, has brought a host of new possibilities for making impact presentations over the Web, often without sacrificing the importance of the message. With a clear return on investment, and new advances in the technology behind web-based communication. CSC expects electronic presentations and meetings to play a greater role than ever in business collaboration.