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    Firewall is the easiest and safest way to share your high-speed Ethernet Internet connection with a DSL Modem or Cable Modem.

    Sitting in between your computer and your broadband modem, the Firewall will act as a firewall for your PC to protect your computer from unwanted intruders. If someone tries to access your PC without your knowledge the Firewall will stop them in their tracks.

    By blocking ports that unscrupulous hackers use to penetrate a computer, the Firewall will discourage a hacker from even attempting to break into your computer. Like a car or house alarm, the Firewall will give you that added sense of security that petty thieves won even try to break in.

    The Firewall provides two levels of security support. First, it masks local users' IP addresses from others on the Internet making it much more difficult for a hacker to target a machine on your network. Secondly it can block and redirect certain ports to limit the services that outside users can access. Specific ports can be opened by the user to ensure that games and other Internet applications will run properly.